Career Launchpad

 UNIABROAD is India’s first overseas education consultancy to present Career Launchpad. This elite scheme will exhibit why International graduates fail to get a job?, What skills employers look in graduates? How to develop these skills and be Career Ready. Career Launchpad will enable the students to explore their career options and prepare them to land jobs without hassle.  We also create awareness of the abroad job process  along with the list of companies offering work visa for international students. The students will be trained for job hunting and will have a perfect idea of the skills required  to crack the interviews.

Ultimately the aim is to prepare the candidates for their dream job prior to departure.

Why Career Launchpad?


Career Counselling: Choosing a career path could be a stressful process since it will define and shape the next decade of our lives. Hence this program will start with the career counselling. The counselling session will be conducted by an experienced professional who will extract the interests of students and provide the guidelines of their chosen career path.

– Job Profile Guidelines: Majority of the students fail to secure the deserved jobs . Sometimes it may be due to minute mistakes like writing cover letters and CV for both academics and Jobs as per the country standards. Your Job profile is the tool which promotes you the employers. Candidates will be guided to update their job profiles according to the current trends.

Self Branding on Social Medias:  It’s important for every students to stand out from the crowd especially during an interview. Social media profiles being so popular these days, it is important to keep them formal, updated and professional. Our trainers will guide the students and candidates on how to keep their social media profiles professionally intact and attractive to employers.

Tailoring CV and Job Profiles: Tailoring a CV is basically understanding which qualities of an individual is important to a specific job vacancy and modifying the CV to make them stand out to that particular recruiter. Every individuals CV will be reviewed to check if any further modifications are required.

Soft Skills: A certain skill set is required to effectively work in a team and they are soft skills. A session of Corporate Etiquettes and soft skills will be delivered. This session is important because students will find out the key factors which employers look for in a candidate, The do’s and don’ts of an interview , mandatory skills required to become a successfully employed.

Psychometric Test: Students and candidates can make use of our psychometric tests which covers numerical, verbal and logical reasoning. This will be a practice session for students  before they face an actual test during their interviews.

Job Board: Job Board is the right platform to find the list of companies that offer a work visa for international students who wish to work abroad. Along with these, we also provide exclusive list of companies for part time jobs, companies offering internships.

Immigration Policies: We will provide complete information of the immigration rules and regulations one has to comply whilst converting their student visa into work visa. This step is often executed at the later stages.


Students normally don’t just aim for good education and a degree from foreign university. They also plan about working abroad either for part time/full time/post studies employment.  We will prepare students to become employable and gain core competencies. The aim is to prepare them to be career ready prior to departure

The fee for career launchpad is Rs.10,000. Inclusive of Taxes. 

Students can access to career launchpad after they receive unconditional offer letter from their respective universities.

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