UNIABROAD has always been striving hard to assist students in realising their dream of overseas education. Studying Abroad may be a very expensive plan for some students. In order to help potential and talented students, We at UNIABROAD are presenting an elite Scholarship programme where students can avail from 500- 1000GBP Scholarship.


Students are required to write a personal statement about 600-800 words stating their achievements, aspirations and the reasons they think that they need scholarships. Students are required to email their Statements in a word document to applications@uniabroad.co.in

Only those students are eligible who have selected foreign private universities.

The personal statements will be reviewed by our team members who do no have any direct or indirect contact with the students. This rule is to ensure that every student should have a fair chance at gaining scholarships.

The scholarship amount will be credited to their respective bank accounts within between 45 days to 90 days after the enrolment at their university.

Scholarship amount will not be credited if the student is not enrolled at the university. Scholarship amount will not be credited if the student decides to return to India after Enrolling at the university.

You will be sent an email confirmation and a scholarship certificate. However your scholarship amount will be credited between 45-90 days of enrolment.

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