1. Canada: Better Management of Covid-19 containment and good healthcare plan in place. Post study work visa is still intact. DLI’s that have an approved plan for COVID-19 containment can welcome international student if they have study permit which would have been approved prior to 18th March 2020 can come to study in Canada.
  1. UK: Irrespective of the covid-19 lockdowns, UK continues to remain top priority for students across India. The universities are monitoring the well-being of students with utmost diligence. The vaccine roll out plans are in place and UK is all set for a major come back. Covid-19 has not had an impact on post study work visa plans for students which is a win-win situation for both international students and for the UK.
  1. USA: With limited travel restrictions and strict action against covid-19 rules violations, studies in USA has been more attractive than ever.  The combination of online-offline learning is highly encouraged in schools, colleges and universities across USA. Majority of the universities have cut back some of their academic eligibility requirements like SAT/ACT/ GRE etc. Moreover, there high number of appointments available for F, M and J Visa appointments which are all benefits to aspiring students.
  1. Australia and New Zealand: Australia and New Zealand have also adopted the hybrid model of learning . New Zealand government had recently announced border exemptions for international students who are enrolled for both Master’s and PhD programs and are accepting applications for future intakes for online mode of study. Australia is granting visas however majority of the universities still remain closed. Universities in Australia are accepting applications for fall intake. The study mode will be a hybrid mode.


  1. Ireland: Universities in Ireland have adopted for on campus mode of teaching where students can physically attend the classes whilst following the covid-19 regulations like mandatorily wearing mask and social distancing.


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    November 9, 2019 - 2:09 am

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