The purpose of the security deposit is just to make sure that the students are seriously considering to make use of our services and also to ensure that our employee’s time is rightfully invested in assisting students.

The security deposit should be paid before your application process starts.

The security deposit can be paid online/bank transfer or in cash for which a receipt will be issued in the office.
Name: UOEC Consultants Pvt Ltd.
Account Number: 015205012760
IFSC Code: ICIC0000152
Bank and Branch: ICICI Bank, V V Mohalla, Mysuru

The deposit money will be returned to students after obtaining their visa. The money will be reversed to your given bank account in 15 working days.

After your visa decision, you can visit the office and submit the form. It is student responsibility to claim the deposit money.

Yes. Irrespective of your visa decision, the deposit money will be returned to you.

Yes. Irrespective of the mode of payment, students will get a receipt for their payment made.

1.Your deposit will be cancelled if your visa get rejected based on forged documents provided by you.
 2.The deposit will not be returned if a student make use of our services and change their mind at the end moment.

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