A statement of purpose is a written essay about the student’s goals, ambitions, career objectives, past academic achievements, and future goals. These detailed statements about yourself by the students are carefully analysed by the college, is extremely critical for you admission in the college.

The Undergraduate offices usually ask for an college application essay, usually known as the SOP (Statement of purpose.) the doctoral level requires a detailed SOP and furnish a research proposal as well.

The admission procedure in a B-school or MBA programme is different compared to other graduate and post graduate programmes. The MBA programme admission usually requires multiple essays on various topics. Some Business schools asks for only two essays and few MBA programme schools ask for even more, up to 6 essays for admission.

The important features of the essays would be that it pertains to a particular topic or situation, and has a word limit or a page limit. For example, the student may be asked to write an essay on the difficult situations which have arisen at work and how you have handled the situation. The word limit for the topic could be 600 words or 400 words. The applicants are required to produce precise and relevant solutions only. The admission committee scans and evaluates the essays on the basis of the structure, organisation of the essay, language skills, and how relevant the essay is to the prescribed topic. Any deviations from the topic of focus , or errors in the grammar and structure of the language and disorganized presentation could adversely affect your impression in the academic admission committee, and you chances of admission into the programme too could reduce because your quality of work may not meet the prescribed standards of work require for admission.

MBA programmes requires several reports, case studies, oral and written presentations at several places. Thee admission tests are highly competitive globally to get into a B-school. This is why most people quote that for an admission into a good university or college, “essays make or break an application’.

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