Student Ambassador Scheme runs a rolling recruitment cycle throughout the academic year. We recruit talented and potential students to represent “UNIABROAD” throughout the year. Students can work with us for part time, full time or for an internship. This facility is to enables students to study and work at the same time. As a student ambassador, you will have the opportunity to work on a variety of tasks and deliver events which will be useful for both Academia and future occupations. The tasks mainly includes Marketing events like Digital Marketing, University presentations, Education fairs, Exhibits and other voluntary events. Every student who wish to work with us must sign the SA Policy and adhere to its rules and regulations set out by the company. Student Ambassadors can work for more than a year. However, the incentives will be valid for 1 year from the date of commencement of the agreement.


Students who wish to work part time or as interns should be in their final year of their degree. Good communication is mandatory. Ability to work in team and self. Must be able to communicate and persuade candidates and other members of public of all age groups.

If you want to become a student ambassador or have any questions about becoming one, or about the ambassador program in general, please contact us at

An experience letter and a LinkedIn recommendation from us will add more weightage to your CV. An opportunity to gain transferable skills which will contribute to your personal and professional development and in turn will be useful for future jobs. Develop new skills such as public speaking, promoting and strategic marketing. Create a strong profile and personal branding. Working with us will enable you to network with multiple companies and brands. Certificate from UNIABROAD and Kanasu Group of organization.

Monetary Benefits will be given to all potential student ambassadors. Along with that you will get UNIABROAD goodies, Internship/job opportunities at UNIABROAD, One Indian trip per year for potential students. Student Ambassadors will be invited to the formal banquets every month to discuss the progress, An option to make use of either Career Launchpad or Language Classes, Reference for jobs abroad, Student Ambassadors will be given referral money for every students they persuade to study abroad. This arrangement is valid only upon signature on the “Referrals Agreement”.

Create awareness of UNIABROAD among their friends, peers and social group, Forward UNIABROAD posters, promotion and marketing messages to their university WhatsApp groups, Refer aspiring students to UNIABROAD, Provide basic information of different countries to potential students who wish to study abroad.

Student Ambassadors must work for a year. After a year, if they are happy to continue with us, that can be arranged. However some of the benefits and incentives will be applicable only for 1 year from the date of enrolment.

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