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Studying in Australia is a fantastic way to further your education and boost your career prospects. Australia is renowned for its world-class education and diverse cultural heritage. The Australian universities are committed to equipping the learners with practical skills and knowledge and constantly revise their approach to match with the global standards and inspire the students to be innovative and agile in thinking. Moreover, the country is welcoming and has some of the safest and student-friendly cities in the world. The benefits of graduating from Australia are immense and we are highlighting some of these amazing benefits to consider Australia for your education.

Study in Australia for these 7 main reasons:


Australia might be a small country with approximately 25 million people but they’re world leaders in education. It ranks third for most popular study destination in the world after US and UK and it is expected to overtake the UK according to University College of London’s Centre for Global Higher Education.


Australia is currently home to nearly 700,000 international students
Since 2017, there has been an 11% increase in international student numbers going to Australia. These 4 points make Australia an attractive study destination.

  1. High-quality education
  2. Easy access to study support services
  3. Multicultural society
  4. Fantastic lifestyle

According to QS Best Student Cities 2019, almost all our major cities are amongst the world’s top 100 student cities.

Melbourne has retained its position as the third most student-friendly cities in the world.

Apart from Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra, Adelaide, Perth, and the Gold Coast are some of the most welcoming and affordable cities in Australia.



Australian Government offers enormous scholarship opportunities to international students from various developing countries including India in the form of Australia Awards Scholarships. In the year 2019, over 3000 Australian Awards Scholarships ranging from A$300 million were offered to international students across 55 countries.



Did you know Wi-Fi, penicillin, the black box flight recorder, the Earth Hour initiative and the Cochlear implant, among many other innovations, were all invented by graduates from Australian universities? The universities’ high-quality research-oriented approach has produced around 15 Nobel laureates. From the 1945 Nobel Prize for the discovery of Penicillin to the most recent prize in 2017 for the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear weapons, Australian graduates are high achievers.



Australia is a technologically advanced country with a strong, globally competitive economy. Students can enjoy all the benefits of high-quality services, transportation and infrastructure in Australian towns and cities. Australian cities are consistently ranked as some of the most liveable in the world. Their quality of education, healthcare, transport, infrastructure, and government services are rated well above international averages.

Did you know almost 30% of Australians are born overseas? Australia has a multicultural society with equal respect for people from different cultural backgrounds. This has made the country rich with nationalities and cultures from all over the world.

Australia is a quintessential destination with a serene landscape and is often referred to as ‘ The Island Continent’.

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